Thursday, July 9, 2009

Thailand's Best Buys, the Items that You Must Not Miss

We can say that Thailand is one of the paradise places for shoppers, especially, if you are a lover of Thai art or Oriental art. There are many incredible products, good and valued things to buy at reasonable prices. Almost everything you want can be bought and bargained. Thai products would be ones of the cheapest rates and prices in the world. When visiting Thailand, no matter whether you would love to shop for yourself or look for souvenirs for your friends, some of those items that you must not miss are listed as below:

- Thai Silk: It is one of the top ten things that most tourists buy. The quality of Thai Silk is very excellent and Jim Thompson Thai Silk is very well-known. There are wide range of products with lovely colors for your choices, such as, neckties, suit, handbags, handkerchief, table sets, pillow cases, bedding, etc.

- Thai Handicrafts items. For examples: pearls, dolls, artificial flowers, etc.

- Ceramics & Pottery. For examples: Sangkhalok stoneware or colorful Bencharong (five colors) porcelain, with elaborate designs.

- Gems, jewelry: You can find well-known gem stone especially rubies in Kanchanaburi.

- Orchids: Thai orchids are very famous and come in various colors and sizes.

These items described above are just only small parts of Thailand's Best Buys, in the meantime, the items that you must not miss are much much more. When you come to visit Thailand, you can look around and see by yourself what are the best things to buy for you and your friends.

Good luck and enjoy your shopping!

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