Saturday, May 30, 2009

Thailand Dream Destination, Kanchanaburi

There are a lot of interesting places in my beloved country due to its rich history, unspoiled and beautiful nature and vivid nightlife which are exactly what tourists need.

One of Thailand Dream Destination which is highly recommended is Kanchanaburi. It is the third largest province of Thailand after Chiang Mai and Nakon Ratchasima.

It is very famous place with the beautiful virgin jungle with a lot of wildlife, mountains and wild rivers (two most important rivers; Mae Nam Khwai Noi and Mae Nam Khwai Yai). These charming and beautiful natures are combined to make Kanchanaburi one of the most Thailand Dream Destination for nature lovers and sportsmen. It is not far away from Bangkok. (just about 130 kgs. West of Bangkok or 2 hours drive from Bangkok.

The most important event that most tourists would love to see is “River Khwai Bridge Festival” which is held at the bridge with spectacular Sound Light Show every year in late November and early December. This event reminds to the history of the Death Railway and the bombardments during World War II.

It is quite amazing that “The Death Railway” was constructed by thousands of Allied Prisoners of War and Asian laborers who were under the imperial Japanese army. The army intended to move men and supplies to the Burmese front where the Japanese were fighting the British.

The world-famous black iron Bridge on the River Khwai was brought from Java by the Japanese supervision by Allied prison-of-war labor as part of the Death Railway linking Thailand with Burma. During World War II, the bridge was the target of frequent Allied bombing raids.

There are many people died from the hard working during the construction of “The Death Railway” as they had to work from dawn until after dark. They were all buried in the War Cemetery where you can stop over and pay a visit for this tragic memory.

Besides, you can follow the historical route from Kanchanaburi to Nam Tok Railway Station by daily train. It is a wonderful trip indeed.

After enjoying the historic parts of the province, you may have to relax with several Thailand’s largest waterfalls. One of those well-known is Erawan waterfall with its seven levels. It is highly recommended as it is the place where you can feel like living in the dream and it really likes swimming in a paradise pool with crystal clear water.

You can feel the spirit of tranquility during your stay in Kanchanaburi. It is the place where everyone is extremely nice and friendly. The weather is perfect and the food is really delicious. We can guarantee that Kanchanaburi is one of the most Thailand Dream Destination. Come and see it by yourself. Your dream may come true there.

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