Monday, April 27, 2009

Krabi, Your Best Travel Destination

Thailand is well-known as “The Land of Smile”. Most people are friendly and you can see smile everywhere you go in Thailand. There are so many interesting places to visit. One of those we would like to recommend for your best travel destination is Krabi.

Krabi is situated in the South of Thailand and not far away from Phuket. It can be easily reached from Phuket either by road (about four hours) or by sea (stopping at Phi Phi Island). It is just a small town, but cosmopolitan feeling. Or you may see that it is a peaceful town with Thai feeling. In the meantime, it is also one of the most attractive travel destination due to its white sandy beaches, fascinating coral reefs, forest with cave and waterfall, etc. It is a welcoming destination for all families and friends indeed. Furthermore, I can assure you that it is an invitation to relax and enjoy life as you never have relaxed and enjoyed before.

Krabi’s two best beaches are Ao Phra Nang, where fine sand stretches for approx. 800 meters and it is the central point of Krabi. It is one of the most amazing sunset. And Noppharat Thara which is just next to Ao Phra Nang. It is very quiet beach. Whenever the tide is low, you can walk from the beach to Koh Kao Pak Klong Island in the bay. 

Su San Hoi (Shell Cemetery Beach); there are millions of petrified shells from slabs of rock a long the beach.

Apart from these three beautiful beaches, Phi Phi Islands are also recommended as ones of the world’s most beautiful islands and the best travel destination. These consist of two major islands; Koh Phi Phi Don and Koh Phi Phi Ley.

Koh Phi Phi Don’ scenery, which has a number of tourist facilities, will attract you at first sight. There are a lot of exciting activities; popular diving around the Phi Phi Islands and snorkeling. Besides, you will experience its natural treasures; clear water, seeing rich marine life and a lot of colorful fishes, etc.

Phi Phi Ley is an uninhabited island. This island has some interesting and adventurous caves worth exploring, the caves contain ancient painting which are incredibly beautiful. It is so amazing.

At these Phi Phi Islands, you can feel like “Heaven on Earth” and it seems that you are in a strange tropical paradise. Besides, these should be the places where a dream comes true. Perhaps, it is because the island’s tropical temperate climate or the way it embraces you with its inviting beaches that make everyone want to stay.

I can guarantee that this beautiful town as well as those islands are exactly what you have been looking for. It is truly remarkable and it can be the town of your dream. It is indeed your best travel destination.

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